What is Tare?

What is tare you ask? Lets find out!

On most digital scales there is a function called ‘tare’. What exactly is this?

You may be surprised to learn it is a very handy feature. It allows you to tell the scale to ignore the weight of the container you are using to weigh something.

For example. If you wanted to weight some sugar you could just pour it on the scale. It would work but it would make a mess. This is where the tare feature is used.

Before and after tare button is pushed.
After tare (on the right) is pushed you see that the weight of the empty container is ignored by the digital scale.

Say you wanted to weigh some sugar in a small glass. When you put the glass on the scale it will show the weight of the glass. Before you put any sugar in the glass simply push the tare button and the scale will go to 0 (zero). The scale will now ignore the weight of the glass.

Now when you add some sugar you will only see the weight of the sugar. Tare is a great feature.

This short video demonstrates the tare function of a digital scale.