Oral Chelation Therapy Test

As mentioned in other posts, before you start a chelation schedule you really need to know that you are getting rid of. More specifically, you need to find out exactly what is in your body. For just about everyone it will be one of two things (or both):

  1. Yeast
  2. Toxic Heavy Metals

How to test for and get rid of yeast will be covered in a separate article.  For now, lets talk about toxic heavy metals.

The best oral chelation therapy test is the 6 Hour Urine Challenge.  This test requires a licensed doctors signature however this oral chelation therapy test comes with a signed form so there is nothing else you need and not additional expense. Just buy it, to the test and use postage paid courier bag to send it to the lab. About 2 weeks later you will get the results via email.

Here is a picture of the contents of the kit:

oral chelation urine test
oral chelation therapy test

There are a variety of heavy metals that may be in your body. This oral chelation therapy test kit test for 21 toxic heavy metals. Learning about how each one may have gotten into your body is not important until you know which ones are actually in your body. Order this kit, do the test and find out what is poisoning you.  THEN you can start your chelation schedule and get rid of those heavy metals and start healing.

The oral chelation protocol using DMSA Synergy is a simple 3 day “on” DMSA and 11 days “off” DMSA protocol to remove toxins once you know you have them.