Keylation Therapy

Keylation therapy, have you heard or seen this word and wondered what it is?

What is Keylation Therapy?

The word ‘keylation’ is a very common way to spell the word ‘chelation’. This is a word that comes from old times. It means ‘claw’ as in the claws of an animal. To chelate is to grab hold of something and hold onto it. Just like an animal would do with its claws.

diagram showing how keylation therapy works

In chelation therapy a chemical grabs onto another chemical and holds it tight. To do chelation therapy, or ‘keylation therapy’ you eat one chemical. This chemical you eat holds onto another chemical in your body. It grabs a chemical that is not natural in your body.

The chemical you eat is designed to be excreted from your body when you urinate. In this way the ‘bad’ chemical is flushed out of your body. (it is attached to the chelation chemical you ate).

Kelation Therapy Methods

Each has its own merits.  Some people prefer to fast and do cleanses.  Some people prefer to take keylation therapy supplements.  Still others follow the chelation therapy recommended by their doctor or naturopath.

What To Look For

Before embarking on a kelation therapy schedule it is best to find one that suites you.  Some kelation therapy products are very expensive.  A single kelation therapy schedule can cost well over $1000 and offer no proof that it worked.

Keylation Therapy Benefits

All the benefits are health related. Right after the therapy is done most people feel tired for a day. Sometimes they feel tired for 2 days. On the third day most people report a great sense of well being. This happens because their body is working better than it was before chelation.

keylation therapy infographic

Buyer Beware!

Several such kelation therapy products come from Europe and have not been adequately tested.   Some of the less expensive keylation therapy products are cleanses that can be bought over the internet.

Buying unproven products over the internet might not be the best idea.  If you choose to go this route, reading reviews actual customers posted on sites such as Amazon or Ebay may be beneficial. Keep in mind that many Amazon ‘reviews’ are fake or paid for.

Naturopaths and Keylation

Many people choose to follow what their naturopath has told them.  This can be viewed as a biased opinion as often the naturopath is selling the kelation product that makes them the most money.

Whether or not such a keylation therapy product works is never really known.

FDA Approved Keylation Therapy

One of the very few FDA approved kelation therapy products is DMSA.  DMSA was approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) in 1991 as being safe for children to keylate with.

DMSA has a large ‘theraputic window.’  This means there is a wide margin between the amount necessary to produce the intended result and the level that could potentially hurt patient. This makes DMSA a very safe form of keylation therapy.

Deadly Dose of DMSA

There is no know deadly dosage of DMSA while using it as part of a smart keylation therapy protocol.

The oral chelation protocol using DMSA Synergy is a simple 3 day “on” DMSA and 11 days “off” DMSA protocol.

Perhaps the best way to find a good  product for keylation is to simply talk to someone who has used one personally.  Keylation therapy should not be taken lightly as it is one of the key components to ensure optimal health.

Here is a great video describing a chelation success story.