DMPS Chelation – Is It The Best Way?

revised FEb22 2020

What is DMPS? DMPS chelation treatment is one chelation method employed to treat heavy metal poisoning.

The chemical name for DMPS is Dimercapto-propane sulfonate. A long chemical name only of interest to chemists. It is included here for reference.  DMPS chelation can eliminate heavy metals such as mercury and lead from the body. It can also eliminate 18 other heavy metals.

Mercury and lead are the most familiar heavy metals that make people sick. But are they the most common? The answer is, ‘it depends’

Someone who works in the electronics assembly industry may have a high level of antimony or cadmium in their body. A dental assistant may have high levels of mercury. Someone who has had multiple MRI’s will have gadolinium (its used in the contrast dye used during MRI)

The old silver filling contain a lot of mercury. These filling are often called amalgam fillings. The new white filling are much safer.

2 Ways Metals Got In Your Body

Most people got their lead and mercury passed from mother to baby. It takes 3 generations to break this cycle. Please note that pregnant women should not do chelation.

Environmental exposure is the second way many people become toxic.

Exposure to things such as:

  • unleaded gas
  • lead paint
  • lead pipes in old houses
  • candy from Mexico
  • painted toys from Mexico
  • working in some factories
  • smoking

When possible it is a good idea to remove environmental sources of toxins. Your detoxing efforts will be harder if you are always exposed to the toxins around you.

You can replace lead pipes. Quit smoking. Buy products made in the US. Work in safer places. There are many things you can do.

How To I Find Out What Is In Me?

How do you know what heavy metals are in your body? You do a test. The best test is the 6 Hour Urine Challenge Test. Some people ask about hair tests. Hair tests only show recent acute exposures and thus are a poor indicator of your ‘body burden.’ Body burden is simply the total of all the metals in your cells, bones, and brain.

Urine test kit useful for dmps chelation
Urine Test Kit used for 6 Hour Urine Challenge

Every one is different. Which is why you need to know what you are chelating before you actitively start a chelation regimen. Everyone considering chelation should consult with a seasoned physician.

A doctor who is familiar with both chelation therapy and autism treatment. An autism treatment doctor is needed only if autism applies to your situation. Chelation is a common treatment for autism.

Autism is mention as heavy metals are though to cause autism. The metals are passed from mother to baby, or via vaccinations. Vaccinations are implicated and correlated with autism spectrum disorder. This is a controversial subject. Much anecdotal (word of mouth) evidence exists. Just ask any parent of an autistic child their opinion versus asking ‘big pharma’.

The companies making the vaccinations will never admit this. It would open the door for massive legal action. To vaccinate or not is an individual decision. Be informed and do your research. The web is full of personal accounts written by caring parents. You can learn a lot by reading about other peoples experiences.

Vaccinations and Schools

Some states require children to be vaccinated to attend school. This is not always the case. Sometimes it is strongly encourged and not a legal requirement. Ask your childs school for the written proof of what is required. Many school officials do not actually know. Most just assume it is a legal requirement. This is not always the case.

Chelation Deliver Methods

Chelation products can be given several different ways:

  • oral with a pill or liquid
  • with a needle or IV
  • a patch called ‘transdermal’
  • rectally

Oral Chelation with Pills

This is by far the most common. It is very easy for most to swallow a pill. A pill can be disolved and mixed with water. This way it can be given to someone with difficulty swallowing.

Oral delivery is very convenient. You can take it at home or work. You can take it while traveling. It is very easy to carry with you.

Chelation With a Needle

DMPS IV DripThis is not an injection. It is a bottle of liquid that slowly drips the chelation solution into your arm. You have to go to a doctors office for this. It takes a lot of time and money.

There are risks any time a needle is stuck in your arm. Infection, bruising, blood clots are just a few risks. If the dosage is wrong you will get sick very fast. Problems with IV administration usually require an emergency trip via ambulance to the hospital emergency room.

Using a Patch

Most people are familiar with patches to help quit smoking. Patches slowly release the medicine over the course of 12 hours or so. This is a very safe and easy method. The problem is the patch is very difficult to find for chelation. Because patches are so hard to find they are almost never used. Chelation patches require a prescription. This makes patches more expensive and more effort to get.

Rectal Administration

Rectal chelation is another delivery method. For rectal administration you can not use DMPS, you must use a suppository such as can be done with DMSA. This delivery method is used for those unable to swallow due to illness or injury.

Rectal administration is often used for very small children or infants.

Chelation Summary

After reviews of the various chelation methods most people reject DMPS chelation. Instead, they choose DMSA chelation using DMSA.

There are many ways to use DMSA. DMSA combined ALA is popular. This is taking alapha lipoic acid at the same time you take DMSA.  This is is not done for the frist round of chelation therapy.

ALA allows DMSA to cross the blood brain barrier. This enables DMSA to remove mercury from your brain. DMPS does not cross the blood brain barrier.

Mercury in the brain is thought to be the cause of most symptoms. This alone makes DMSA a much better chelator than DMPS.

When you first start detoxing do not be too aggressive. If you chelate from the body and brain at the start you may become sick. It took years to become toxic. It is a slow and gradual process to safely detox. Putting a sudden load of heavy metals into circulation in your body is a bad idea. Slow and sure wins the race.

DMPS chelation not recommended
DMPS chelation not recommended for children.

Treatment Recommendations

recommended chelation therapyThe best treatment schedule is the ‘Cutler process’ which is discussed later on.  Chelation therapy with 2,3-dimercaptopropane-1-sulfonate (DMPS) has-been used-to handle extreme and long-term heavy metal accumulation. However DMPS chelation has many drawbacks. The foremost of which is it is done intraveniously. It is done with a needle directly into the blood stream. This requires a licensed and experienced doctor to administer it.

All the standard risks associated with IV administations apply such as risk of infection, blood clotting and other undesirable effects. Also it will be expensive and require you to travel to get the treatments. DMSA. The better alternative for chelation therapy is a pill. You can you can take a pill your own home or at work much like you would take a vitamin.

By far the most common and easiest method is using a pill.

DMPS Chelation Therapy for Autistic Children

Chelation therapy side effects children and chelation therapy for autistic children is discussed heavily on various forums. DMPS chelation on autistic children has been shown to increase their level of function in only a few days. Read what autism is. DMSA chelation (versus DMPS) is similarly effective for autism but is much safer, easier to adminster (particularly for children) and is much less expensive.

DMPS is ofter used as the starter medication in chelation treatment. DMPS is a ‘force’ type of chelation therapy. It must be used under the direction of the physician. This doctor must be registered to work with DMPS by the government. There are other chelation products that are as effective and safer than DMPS. DMSA pills do not require a doctor. Consulting with a doctor is always a good idea. Just make sure it is a doctor who knows all about chelation treatments.

Children present a particular concern when it comes to dosage. Proper chelation protocol is a weight based protocol. The less a person weights the less of the chelator they need. This means a very small childs dose must be very accurately measured. Errors in measurement can lead to bad side effects. DMSA has a large therapeutic window. This means the safe range is much larger. This makes dosage errors with DMSA unlikely.

Below is a screen shot of part of a report that you get if you do the DMSA Urine Challenge. This is a test that takes 6 hours and is done in the privacy of your own home. Doctors Data is a large and well respected lab that does the analysis and provides the report. You get the full repost about 5 days after you submit your urine sample. The urine collection kit comes with every thing you need including DMSA.

Note that you can not buy the test directly from doctors data. Only a licensed doctor can buy their tests. One DMSA reseller is licensed to sell the urine test. They are

dmps chelation removes several heavy metals
Partial list of heavy metals that are tested for. Most people have several heavy metals in their body. Safe level is zero ie there are no safe levels of heavy metals.

Supporters for DMPS state that “DMPS effortlessly eliminates mercury much better than other chelating agents do”. Lets discuss these claims a bit. ‘Effortlessly’ is highly questionable as there is considerable, cost, risk. and time involved. This is hardly ‘effortless’. Chelation side effects and risks exist for all forms of chelation, including DMPS. “Eliminates mercury much better?’ This is simply not true as other chelators are at least as effective. Many study result can be easily found to demonstrate this.

There are various heavy metal chelation remedies on the market, including DMSA, DMSA and ALA, DMPS, and EDTA. DMSA chelation. An oral form of chelation treatment is the most mild type of chelation and is very effective. There have been some instances where DMPS chelation was not beneficial. DMPS can be very harmful. This can happen with DMPS even if it is administered correctly by a trained professional.

EDTA is generally chelation therapy for heart disease only, and as such, is beyond the scope of this article.

There are a few oral DMPS products on the market. The vast majority of chelation therapy with DMPS is done intraveniously (IV needle) in a doctors office.

It should be noted that the FDA has NOT approved DMPS. DMSA however was initially approved specifically for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning in children. This alone suggest that DMSA is particularly safe.

The dangers of chelation therapy are relatively few. The most obvious danger is the use of an IV to administer the DMPS medication. The second chelation danger is wrong dosage. Too much of a chelation product can cause unwanted side effects. The side effects are not life threatening. They are howver very unpleasant. Chelation side effects usually go away when you stop taking the product.

5 DMPS Chelation Side Effects

DMPS chelation side effects may include but are not limited to:

  • speech impairment
  • vision impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • lack of co-ordination
  • “brain fog” ie poor memory and unable to understand things

Note that these are also symptoms of mercury poisoning. This is precisely one issue with DMPS. It releases mercury into circulation in your body. Your body can not adequately bond to it for excretion. The mercury is now out of your cells and freely floating around your body. This can make you sicker. Sicker than you were before chelation.

This can also happen with other forms of chelation. However, it is more likely to happen with DMPS.

DMSA chelation side effects are mostly limited to minor skin irritations which go away when the chelation cycle is over. A common DMSA chelation cycle, using the Cutler Protocol, is 3 days long. Very few people get this skin irritation.

Because DMSA bonds so strongly to heavy metals the above mentioned DMPS side effects never happen when using DMSA.

How to Use DMSA

DMSA is a weight based protocol. A patient should never exceed 2 grams of DMSA per day. Knowing this arms you with the confidence that you can not take too much.

Simply review your recommended daily dosage. If it adds up to more then 2 grams you know the protocol is wrong. The protocol needs to be recalculated.

The generally accepted safe dosage is 20 mg DMSA per kg of body weight. One kg or kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds.

The place you buy your DMSA from should provide a personalized protocol for free. If they do not, look for another seller.

Be sure to do your homework when it comes to chelation. You may find the DMPS chelation is not the best choice for you.