Chelation Therapy Cost

The first question on most people minds when doing anything is often ‘How much will this cost?” Surprisingly, chelation therapy cost is quite low, less than a dollar a day for most people.

If you are chelating using natural methods the chelation therapy cost is virtually zero as you are already eating all the super healthy detoxing foods. However, if you are using a supplement like most people are your costs will be much more tangible.

For instance, most people serious about chelating heavy metals use a supplement called DMSA. How much DMSA you take is based on your body weight. Obviously this cost will vary slightly for each person using DMSA. If you have high levels of heavy metals in your system just eating well might not be good enough. You might need to consider a chelation supplement.

Using DMSA to Chelate

As mentioned, most people who are serious about chelation use DMSA. This is sometimes called ‘succinic acid’ or ‘captomer’. It is sold under the brand name ‘Chemet.’ The process is similar to edta chelation.  An external substance, DMSA in this case, is used to ‘provoke’ the toxic substances. This means to pull them from your cells and bones.

DMSA has been around for many years and is considered very safe when used as directed. As long as you never use more than 2 grams a day (regardless of your body weight) you will not have any issues. Should you happen to take more than recommended simply take a day or 2 off then restart your chelation cycle.

Chelation therapy side effects are rare. Too much of a chelation product may cause side effects such as minor body rashes. These rashes go away in a few days if you stop the chelation cycle.

How To Chelate With DMSA

This is a weight based protocol. Use 20 mg per kg of body weight. Use for 3 days then take 11 days off (to allow your body to recover). For the first 6 months ONLY take DMSA. After 6 months you might want to add alpha lipoic acid (ALA) to your schedule. ALA allows DMSA to cross the blood brain barrier thereby chelating (removing) heavy metals from your brain. The most serious metals in your brain are lead and mercury.

Most people get mercury in form of mercury vapors from their silver amalgam dental fillings. Ther is a lot of controversy on the web about ‘silver’ dental fillings. Know this though, having an inert filling like porcelain must be healthier than a known toxic heavy metal. Why not err on the side of caution and safety.

Real World Chelation Therapy Cost

Lets break down the numbers. The protocol is weight based, specifically 20 mg of DMSA per kg of body. Lets change this to pounds and use some examples

A 140 pound woman would use 13 capsules of DMSA per day.

A 180 pound man would use 17 capsules of DMSA per day.

A bottle of 220 capsules of DMSA costs $170. This works out to $0.77 cents per capsule. In the above example the woman would spend $10 per day and the man would spend $13 per day. While this may sound expensive its not as you only use DMSA for 6 days per month as you take 11 days OFF DMSA for every 3 days that you use it. So for the woman the chelation therapy cost is a total of $60 per month.

Not really that bad to totally improve your health. This is hardcore, serious chelation, not some fad diet or gimmicky supplement. Often people ask what is oral chelation vs intravenous chelation? Basically IV means a needle and a doctor, oral chelation means a pill you take yourself. IV is better but much more expensive and has some dangers as it is a medical procedure.

Where To Buy DMSA for a Low Chelation Therapy Cost

Chelation therapy clinics sell these products. You might pay more than online though.

UPDATE: It used to be quite easy to buy DMSA online at any health supplement site. However, late 2014 in the USA the government stopped all sales of DMSA online for USA websites and store locations. Now, there is only one site selling DMSA online. That site is This site has been around for close to 8 years and has a good reputation. They ship to the US.

As with most things, the price of DMSA goes down if you buy the bigger bottle. Below is the largest bottle you can buy, it is $170 dollars, there is no tax on this item. The chelation therapy cost is lower if you buy the largest bottle possible.

chelation therapy cost of supplement

Most people get fast results when chelating with DMSA, the therapy cost of the supplement is easy to find. A typical ’round’ of chelation takes about 3 months.

The health benefits will be directly proportional to how ‘sick’ you were to begin with. The first thing most people notice is a big improvement in their mood and energy level.

Generally speaking, they just feel better. This is because the toxic heavy metals like lead and mercury greatly interfere with all your bodies natural systems. When these metals are removed or chelated your body begins to heal itself naturally.

Many people mention that their vision becomes sharper. Their minds are quicker. They no longer search for words when talking. Better sleeping and increase energy levels are quite common also.

The result? Greatly improved feelings of well-being. The cost of chelation therapy is well worth it! Finally the question “How much does chelation therapy cost?” has been answered here.