Oral Chelation Therapy for 2020

Oral chelation therapy is taking an oral supplement to rid your body of something not wanted.

This is often called ‘detoxing.’ It is usually toxic heavy metals that are being removed.

“Chelation” is the process of two things binding together. Think of chelation as detoxing.

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Using oral chelation supplements involves a chelating agent being swallowed. This item is called a chelator. This chelator binds to the toxic substance the person wants to remove.  In most cases this is a toxic heavy metal such as lead, mercury, or arsenic.

The most effective and safest chelator for heavy metal removal is DMSA. It is actually approved by the FDA. Many competing products have no FDA approval.

The term chelation comes from the Greek word meaning ‘claw.’  This is because the chelator forms several bonds with the toxic substance. It holds on to the toxins like an animal with sharp claws.

The body then excretes the toxic metal and the chelation agent at the same time. This is very efficient and ensures the foreign substance is removed from your body.

When using DMSA you will notice a sulphur smell to your urine. This is how you can tell you have fresh DMSA.

Oral chelation therapy and the 6 hour urine test with DMSA
Urine Test for Heavy Metals Click Picture To Buy

There are several oral chelation products on the market.  Oral chelation therapy for mercury is one of the most common uses.

There are many oral chelation therapy supplement retailers.

The best oral chelation products are not always easy to spot. There are many natural chelation therapy products on the market.

When you see the word detox it usually means chelation.

Who Does Chelation Therapy?

There are many clinics offering detox solutions. Coffee enema is one such popular method. Read up on this and you will find the benefits are often over blown. In California these clinics now need to be licensed. There were several bad medical cases. Cases of patients bowels being cut.  Fecal matter ends up infecting the patients blood stream.

This is extremely dangerous. The risks far out weight the benefits. Chelation therapy doctors can be difficult to find. It is a somewhat specilized medicine. Your family doctor may be able to refer you to an expert.

A proper chelation treatment should have real studies to back up the claims. Make sure you research any home chelation treatment. Some are a waste of time and money. Some are actually dangerous.

Chelation and Autism – See The Banned Movie Vaxxed

This is a very controversial subject. A movie called Vaxxed explains what is happening to so many children. Specifically they become autistic over night after receiving vaccinations.

This is the first article ever banned by the Huffington Post.  It is from respected author Lance Simmons.

Read the  full story here. Is this a massive cover up by big chemical companies and the government?

Watch the Vaxxxed movie trailer below and you decide. Official movie was released April 29, 2016. Please pass this on to every one you know who might have an interest in this subject.

What About Chlorella?

chlorella for detoxing

The famed ‘chlorella’ study has since been proven to be false. This single  study found that living chlorella in a pond did remove heavy metals. The problem is that the chlorella needs to be alive. Any chlorella you buy as a supplement is a dead dried powder. It will do nothing for you. It is good however for removing money from your wallet.

Consumer for oral chelation products needs to educate themselves.  Many chelation products make broad and sweeping claims, yet offer no proof.  There is only one FDA approved oral chelation therapy product that is easy to get.  This is a product called DMSA. That is just the short form for the full chemical name which is dimercaptosuccinic acid.

What Heavy Metals Does Chelation Remove?

There are 20 toxic heavy metals of concern. A good chelation product will remove them all. Ask questions. Email sellers and ask what metals are removed. Most will not know. The ones who answer are the ones to use. Would you go to a heart surgeon for dental work? No. Then do not buy from uninformed sellers of chelation products.

The 6 hour urine test provided by Doctor Data is very popular. You can do it in your own home in 6 hours. You get the results emailed to you in about 5 days.

This test shows the presence and levels 20 toxic heavy metals:

  • Aluminum
  • Antimony
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Beryllium
  • Bismuth
  • Cadmium
  • Cesium
  • Gadolinium
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Nickel
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Tellurium
  • Thallium
  • Thorium
  • Tin
  • Tungsten
  • Uranium

Now you will know the levels of metals in your body. It is time to remove or chelate them out. You will need to know the dosage and how to use the product. Any good seller will tell you this. The schedule is called the ‘protocol.’

There are specific protocol for each chelation product. A good product will have different dosage based on your body weight. A 200 pound man will need more than a 30 pound child. Many sellers do not know this.

Oral chelation therapy with DMSA
The best DMSA chelation product currently on the market.

Oral Chelation Therapy Protocol

The heavy metal detox protocol is a simple 3 day “on” and 11 day “off” protocol.  The amount of DMSA Synergy you take depends on your body weight. The suggested usage protocol is 20 mg of DMSA per kilogram of body weight. When you order DMSA this will be calculated for you (for free).

DMSA binds to the 20 toxic heavy metals listed. It then excretes them from the body via the urinary tract.  There is much scientific proof about the use of DMSA for oral chelation.  While chelating with DMSA it is very apparent to the user as their urine has a very strong metallic smell to it.

You can also get a urine test kit that will show the levels of heavy metals in your body.  This kit uses DMSA as the provocation agent.

You can do the urine test. Then do a round of oral chelation therapy (with DMSA) for several months. Then compare the before and after results.  You will always see a decline in the levels of heavy metals in your body.

How Long Does Chelation Take?

We are not all the same. Each person gets rid of heavy metals at a different rate. You can not target a specific heavy metal. When chelating ALL metals are grabbed by the chelator.

Some metals will not start to move out of the body until others have been eliminated. This is why when you do multiple tests you get slightly different results. You will eventually decrease or eliminate all the metals.

How long it takes depends on factors such as:

  • age
  • sex
  • over all health
  • diet
  • other supplement use
  • smoker or non-smoker
  • prescription drug use
  • environmental exposure
  • several other factors

Oral Chelation for Clogged Arteries

You may hear about oral chelation for clogged arteries. What is chelation therapy for heart disease? This is mainly about one very specific product called EDTA. This is a shortform for a long chemical name. This product breaks down the clogging in arteries.  Oral edta side effects have been well documented. As this is such a specialized product it will not be discussed in this short chelation article.

Herbal Chelation Products

Many of the herbal chelation therapy products available from health stores or naturopaths.  You will find many have no way to prove they work.  One could take the urine test for toxic heavy metals mentioned above. Then follow the naturopathic oral chelation therapy for a few months. Then take another urine test.

Then check the before and after results. They would show if the naturopathic product was working. If it actually chelated anything out of the persons body.

Some of the herbal products actually cost more than known and proven products like DMSA. Why waste time and money on something that might work. Instead chose an chelation product that has been around for over 30 years like DMSA. There are many reliable scientific studies show how well DMSA works.

Buying Chelation Products

In the US you can no longer buy DMSA over the counter. It is still available as a prescription called ‘Chemet.’ Chemet is expensive. It also has many nasty ingredients in it. DMSA does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Chemet contains artificial sweeteners, food dye, and other things. You can order DMSA over the internet. It will ship to the US. It is considered a supplement and a gray market item. This means it is ignored and allowed. The only restriction is that it can not be offered for sale over the counter in a retail store. Most consider DMSA to be the best oral chelation therapy product available.