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DMPS Chelation – Is It The Best Way?

revised April 2016 What is DMPS? DMPS chelation treatment is one chelation method employed to treat heavy metal poisoning. The chemical name for DMPS is Dimercapto-propane sulfonate. A long chemical name only of interest to chemists. It is included here for reference.  DMPS chelation can eliminate heavy metals such as mercury and lead from the body. It […]

Chelation Therapy Cost

The first question on most people minds when doing anything is often ‘How much will this cost?” Surprisingly, chelation therapy cost is quite low, less than a dollar a day for most people. If you are chelating using natural methods the chelation therapy cost is virtually zero as you are already eating all the super […]

Natural Detox Your Way To Health

Natural detox is a safe, effective way for cleansing your colon. From detox baths, to detox diets and programs, green juicing, exercising and colon cleansing. There are dozens of ways to detox your body naturally. This is really not intended for weight loss, but rather for a good natural cleanse that your body needs no […]

Edta Chelation Therapy Might Be A Bad Idea

EDTA Chelation Therapy (EDTA stands for ‘EthyleneDiamineTetraAcetic Acid’). This form of therapy has been around for a long time.  In the early 1930’s German scientists formulated EDTA for use in chelation treatment. They used it to remove toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and others. Oral chelation for clogged arteries is mostly what EDTA […]

Mad Hatter Disease

A lot of us understand that the phrase mad hatter disease is another label for poisoning, and we’ve wondered perhaps poisoning was suffered from by the Hatter. Mad hatter ‘s disease is just a colloquial English term for mercury poisoning. Carroll ‘s iconic Mad Hatter identity inside the book was inspired from the expression angry […]

Minamata Disease

Minamata Disease  came from a severe health crisis that occurred in Japan between 1932-1968. Minamata Disease is a very severe and deadly neurological syndrome caused by severe ,mercury poisoning. A waterfront town was exposed to methyl mercury, the most deadly form of mercury, when a chemical company released methyl mercury into the waters. The name […]

Keylation Therapy

Keylation therapy, there is more and more being said about this everyday.  But what exactly is keylation therapy? Keylation therapy is the method of removing chemicals from the body.  There are many kelation therapy methods.  Each has its own merits.  Some people prefer to fast and do cleanses.  Some people prefer to take keylation therapy […]

Oral Chelation Therapy Test

As mentioned in other posts, before you start a chelation schedule you really need to know that you are getting rid of. More specifically, you need to find out exactly what is in your body. For just about everyone it will be one of two things (or both): Yeast Toxic Heavy Metals How to test […]

Lead Poisoning Treatment

Lead poisoning treatment is being sought out more and more as people understanding of it grows.  There are many sources of lead poisoning, they are all environmental. Lead sources include leaded gasoline, leaded paint, old lead plumbing and candy from mexico. Lead poisoning symptoms include: Irritability Unexplained changes in mood or personality Changes in sleep […]